Have you heard of Kraft-tex?

Have you heard of Kraft-tex? No? Well, let me introduce you. You are going to fall.in.love. I did. You know that little tag on the back of your favorite old pair of Levi’s Jeans? You thought it was printed leather, didn’t you? It used to be. But now manufacturers use products like Kraft-tex–a tough paper that performs like fabric. It is durable, flexible, washable, paint-able, dye-able, stamp-able, sew-able, emboss-able, fold-able…getting the idea? You can make almost anything with this stuff. And that’s what you get to see in kraft•tex Style–a new book I’m in by Roxane Cerda (coming out in September from Stash Books) which shows so many very cool Kraft-tex projects. 

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