Nurture your soul with 30 creative exercises Take pen to paper and let your imagination flow. Best-selling author Carrie Bloomston brings you a hands-on interactive experience and guides you through 30 creative exercises to ignite your creative fire and nurture your artist’s soul.

Examine your inner self with thought provoking questions, exercises, activities, and lessons that help you discover and nurture your creative passions. Filled with inspirational images from Carrie’s own artwork, fabric designs and her students’ amazing projects, this workbook will leave you feeling inspired and motivated.

  • Inspired by Carrie Bloomston’s bestselling book, The Little Spark — 30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity
  • Capture your creative spark with thought-provoking exercises, lessons and activities to discover (or rediscover!) your passions
  • For anyone who wants to live a more creative life—artists, quilters, crafters, writers, and hobbyists

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Carrie’s book, The Little Spark: 30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity was noticed by Team Oprah, was featured in the August 2015 edition of Oprah Magazine, and was recently featured in Health Magazine, March 2022.

As part of Oprah’s feature, “Play to Your Strengths!” all about discovering your unique gifts and making the most of who you are, Carrie shared one of her 30 Sparks from the book – Have a Secret. She offered her thoughts about why it is important to sometimes keep secrets — to hold things sacred and not share everything — so that we remain pregnant with our creation and feel the power and strength that comes from within.

The folks at Oprah called Carrie’s advice a “quick self esteem booster.”  Oprah’s advice?

“Today, do something alone—just for you, by yourself—in the middle of nowhere, in a hidden place or out in the world, with no one else around. …Don’t tell your spouse or best friend about it. Don’t tell your parents or children about it. Don’t tweet it, Instagram it, Facebook it or blog about it—ever. Just be alone with it. Feel it. It is yours.

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