Handmade for Newtown

Dear Friends-

Crafty lady and blogger friend, Rachel Gander, from imagine gnats organized this touching auction. 100% of funds raised will go to the Newtown Parents Connection and will directly benefit people involved in the shooting.

Our money, crafts, and auction will do very little to help what must be the worst and most unimaginable pain of these parents, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to help. read more

The Hockey Stick

So, I was face-timing with my cousin Lee last week and he was seeing an image of my computer on his iPhone. He saw a screenshot of my Blogger analytics (the back-end statistical data of my blog) and he said, “Wow—you’ve got a hockey stick there!” I had no idea what he meant but have since learned that hockey stick growth refers to the visual of a rapid rate of increase on a graph. It looks like a hockey stick laying on its side.  read more

LEGO sewing machine

The reality is, we spend most of our hours at the LEGO table..at least two hours a day: Lately, I have been making gardens—carrot trucks, flower vendors—anything natural—because LEGOs are so completely unnatural. I like the contrast. Big boy has been making vehicles. He tends to be more into movable creations than static ones—everything is on wheels…or pontoons…or is a spaceship…or floats…or is made of ice. These days it is all about the little LEGO people. Today, he asked me if I would be the husband. I agreed. I am sad that he now says “wife,” because for the longest time he said it “life.” “I’ll be the husband, you be the life.”

So, while I was there today safeguarding baby girl from ingesting the ten thousand eatable things, I made this sewing machine. Notice the throat plate and feed dogs? And then I used the inside of the smallest wheel for the flywheel- it really turns. There is a spool of red thread on top (I like that it is sitting loosely on a tiny black car antenna…as if the tensioner would adjust the tension just like on a real machine). And one tiny grey light makes the bobbin winder. But the best part is the needle/presser foot—it actually looks real—it is a tiny upside down hammer. The LEGO people have tiny tools. I think it is a Bernina activa 220- what with all the buttons and the computer screen… read more