Painting again

Be So Brave – 11″ x 15″ – January 2013 (Ink and collage on paper)

dear, world–
after a long,
long pause,
am painting again.
will need your help:
your galleries,
your support,
your kindness.
need reminders to
be so brave.
need to be empty.
but this time,
beginner’s mind it’s not.
for all of my love of not-knowing
how to do things,
i’m afraid i’ll have to own up
to this one-
that i know this tongue-
that this language begins
where nouns and verbs end.
and to be unafraid.
and to play.
wish me luck.

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Handmade for Newtown

Dear Friends-

Crafty lady and blogger friend, Rachel Gander, from imagine gnats organized this touching auction. 100% of funds raised will go to the Newtown Parents Connection and will directly benefit people involved in the shooting.

Our money, crafts, and auction will do very little to help what must be the worst and most unimaginable pain of these parents, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to help. read more

Real Family Food by Amanda Haas

Ok, this is an absolutely incredible cookbook for the family and I have to share it with you. I am not being paid to say this, I am just in love with this book!

I subscribe to Amanda Haas’ online menu planner called One Family One Meal and I really like it. It gives me fresh ideas for affordable, healthy, varied, whole-family-friendly meals. In fact, last year I blogged about it in a post detailing how I was failing the housewife olympics (hahahaha) see here. read more

Summer craft :: Alternate uses for sewing patterns

Kids are so cool. They just know how to make their own fun. Lately, several of my mama friends have been emailing me pictures of creations made by their cooped-up Arizona summertime kids. I was surprised to hear what they used as inspiration—my Giggle & Squeak quilt pattern templates! I am totally inspired to make a coloring/art book when I see these kids using my templates in such creative ways. I particularly like the framed creations by Lily. Kids don’t need any help from me to celebrate their inner artists. Rather, I need help from them to remember to think creatively and find inspiration from the things that are right in front of me. Give your sewing templates to your kids and see what summer fun you can make! read more

Studios Magazine — summer 2012

I am sorry about the narcissistic swerve into horn-tooting of late, but there is seriously a lot of great press happening right now.  I was crazy honored when Linda Blinn, editor at Studios Magazine, asked if I would write a bit about crafting with kids. But when I opened the package from them yesterday I was stunned by the beautiful pages filled with photos and words about our messy, happy art-making adventures. This issue is gorgeous, inspiring, and filled with kids stuff. Go get your copy today. Or, well…would like a free one? Let’s do a giveaway! read more