Join me at Craft NAPA!

Are you ready for the new year? I’m thrilled and honored to be teaching at Craft NAPA in gorgeous Napa Valley, California at an incredible new retreat created by Pokey Bolton. She is bringing together many fabulous teachers for this event to get your creative juices flowing and help guide you into your creative passion. The teachers are textile designers, fiber artists, sewinistas, painters, mixed media artists and art quilters. During this three-day retreat, you will have the opportunity to master your skills in collage, quilting, sketching, printmaking, painting, art journaling, and mixed media, all the while enjoying outstanding cuisine and wine, too. read more

Come paint with me!

Hello, my Phoenix, Arizona friends!

I’m excited to invite you all to the first of a series of special workshops.  In these workshops, I will be sharing many aspects of creativity and making–including painting, drawing, Indian wood block printing, dream-catcher creating  and other magical experiences.

The first workshop is just two weeks from today. The Art of Finding–A PAINTING WORKSHOP will be on March 29th, 1-4 p.m. in the studio. (Space is limited.)

We don’t really make paintings…we find them. You’ll learn how to tune-in in this hands-on acrylic painting workshop. I will share some inspirational images and techniques with you to help you do that thing you have been wanting to do–to paint–to play–to make a mess–to explore–to find yourself. We will dig in, paint in layers, wash them off and paint some more. All you need is an open heart.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Truly. You’ll start wherever you are. I will supply canvas and materials.

Register here and stay tuned for more…

The idea of colors

A painting of mine from this year called The Ecstatic Beauty of It All (Carrie Bloomston)

I wrote in the last post here about the “idea” of colors. I also wrote about how we are instructed early by painting teachers to never use paint right out of the tube. This is such an important point and I want to explain it further here as it applies to every area of art, design, sewing, crafting, etc. read more

Painting again (more)

You know that this sewing stuff I make and show to you here is all relatively new for me. It comes from a deep and abiding joy. It is a new project–a new brand. But it isn’t the whole me. I will sometimes share a tiny bit of my other work. It might not appeal to you and that is OK. We are each our own morass of impulses, urges, and complexities. They don’t all overlap. But they define us. read more

Painting again

Be So Brave – 11″ x 15″ – January 2013 (Ink and collage on paper)

dear, world–
after a long,
long pause,
am painting again.
will need your help:
your galleries,
your support,
your kindness.
need reminders to
be so brave.
need to be empty.
but this time,
beginner’s mind it’s not.
for all of my love of not-knowing
how to do things,
i’m afraid i’ll have to own up
to this one-
that i know this tongue-
that this language begins
where nouns and verbs end.
and to be unafraid.
and to play.
wish me luck.

see some older  work here and here. read more