Hi. I’m Carrie. I am an artist.

Always have been. At twelve, I owned my first business–splatter painting t-shirts on my back porch in Alabama and selling to local businesses. At thirteen, I was making large-scale abstract paintings. Big. Five or ten feet long. I had my first one-woman show at seventeen and my earnings helped to pay my tuition at the Rhode Island School of Design where I studied painting and glass-blowing. I worked for some great artists like Kiki Smithduring that time and worked at the Gagosian Gallery in New York and….yawn….drooling….how bored are you? I know, me too. Fast forwarding…

Thankfully, I spent the next decade pursuing a life of art-school-girl recovery. Yeah for therapy! Since then I owned a successful mural painting and wall finishing business for 15 years.

Now I have two kids and an amazing and thoughtful husband and we live in a little house in the desert. Everything I do is for my kids, because of my kids or with my kids.  My family is my reason.

I returned to sewing when I was pregnant with my baby girl. It really was like some sort of hormone fueled, divine-feminine-wisdom thing. I had just had to sew! And now I am designing sewing patterns for my company, SUCH Designs, LLC and fabrics for Windham Fabrics.

*If you are trapped in a bus station with your iPad and nothing better to do, click here to read an interview about me.*

This whole modern craft movement feels really good to me. I am happy to be a part of it. And my kiddos guide me along the path. Everything I have made so far was inspired by them.

My goal is to help people to sew simple, artful stuff. My whole life I have heard people say, “My aunt was an artist, but I can’t even draw a stick figure,” and the like. Phooey, I say. Think of me as your inner-artist enabler! I want to help you Celebrate Your Inner Artist!™

And did I mention that we love Legos around here?  Click here to read more if you do, too.

Thanks for reading.

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