My next fabric collection…DREAMER!

I can finally share my next fabric collection with you. (You know it is so hard to wait nine months before I can share.) But here she is...World, meet DREAMER!!! This sweet, fresh, bohemian collection is filled with layered patterns I made both with my typical collage technique and by hand-painted watercolor. This collection is a love song to the earth and to our ancestors around the globe who were MAKERS and who lived in harmony with nature. (by Rachael Gander) (by Jenny Haynes) (by Read more [...]

Amy Butler’s Piece Keeping blog party!

  It's a party! I was thrilled to be included in the blog party and G I V E A W A Y in celebration of Amy Butler's newest book, Piece Keeping! Amy is a gorgeous, inspiring human on many levels, not least of which is her generous soul. (Plus I learned to sew six years ago making her Birdie bag.) You will absolutely love her new book. It is filled with inspiring patchwork projects to unleash your inner sewinista in boho style. It was really hard to pick a favorite project but I chose Read more [...]

Prayer flag project giveaway!

Sometimes the world is just so strangely tiny. In February, Vivika De Negre, editor at Interweave/Quilting Arts, and I were working on the details of filming my DVD for them and concurrently, I was asking a bunch of strangers via social media to sew some prayer flags for me with my new fabric collection, PAINT, for Windham Fabrics. These two events are seemingly completely unrelated. I googled prayer flags so that I could send people a link to see examples of handmade prayer flags. And what popped Read more [...]

Fear of flying

So, I got a call about two months ago. It was Vivika De Negre from Interweave. I have always liked her when we've met at Market. She is lovely, warm and genuine. She said they'd like to produce a DVD of me doing some of my fabric collage and teaching design basics. She said they'd also film three segments for Quilting Arts TV on PBS on the same day. She said it would be filmed the week of March a production Ohio. Solon, Ohio...just outside of Cleveland.Well, what would you say Read more [...]

It totally takes a village. Thank you, Village.

Sally, me, Danny, Sharon, Julie, Sharon, LaRose, Bonnie, and BeckyIt takes a village to do just about everything well... at least it does for me. I can imagine exceptions to this rule–social proclivities and introversions that make some people prefer to fly solo. I can imagine feeling undeserving of the support and love of your community. But something has happened in the last half decade for me... actually, since having children. I now think almost everything is made better Read more [...]

Day 3 Creativity challenge

It is day three of my 10 day creativity challenge. Today's challenge: quickly sew something without using fabric. Make something from nothing. Use candy wrappers, leaves, packaging, plastic...anything that isn't fabric from a store. Sew by hand if you don't have a machine. Free your mind from limitations and expectations. It doesn't need to be good or perfect. It doesn't need to be functional. I used two plastic mesh lemon bags from Trader Joe's and cut up another red plastic sweet potato bag for Read more [...]

The Nest Quilt

Welcome the Nest Quilt! It may just be my favorite. In this, my newest pattern, we aren't putting a bird on it (for once). Nope. This time we are becoming the bird. This pattern really exemplifies my branding and desire to help you Celebrate your inner artist. You will need to be wild and free like a bird as you create this quilt: gathering scraps, quickly placing them, and creating your own nest. There aren’t templates for every step. You are going to have to trust the directions and trust yourself–break Read more [...]

My mom’s good karma

Many of you have met my amazing mom. She's rather likeable and charismatic. She is bold and brave and a take-charge kinda gal. I love going to Quilt Market and Festival with her because she is my one-person cheerleading squad. She is incredibly supportive of me and always has been. And we laugh a lot together. When she said she wanted to make her first-ever quilt, in characteristic style, mom decided to make a king size quilt for her own bed! (I still haven't even made a king size quilt.) Although Read more [...]

Grateful Sewing :: Thanksgiving gifts for teachers

Teacher gifts are always fun to give. Thanksgiving seems like a perfect excuse to make a little craft for giving thanks and expressing gratitude for the wonderful people who help nurture our kids. Today we made lavender sachets for the kids' teachers. They were super easy and the kids helped out. I often want to help my children to do more to express their gratitude. I was hoping that we'd do some hand sewing for these, but that was a lofty goal. I'd rather them do a little with joy, than a Read more [...]


Once, when I was 24 and I had absolutely had it, had it, had it with the Man and Capitalism and the Mall, I decided I needed to make my own clothes. Fueled by nothing other than an art school girl's sheer cojones, I figured it couldn't be too hard to make a dress. Who needed designer labels anyway? Who would want to be branded by the machine of hegemony, homogeneity, and normalcy? Huh? Who? So, with ego in hand, I set out to make a dress with no skills other than being an abstract painter and the Read more [...]