My next fabric collection…DREAMER!

I can finally share my next fabric collection with you. (You know it is so hard to wait nine months before I can share.) But here she is...World, meet DREAMER!!! This sweet, fresh, bohemian collection is filled with layered patterns I made both with my typical collage technique and by hand-painted watercolor. This collection is a love song to the earth and to our ancestors around the globe who were MAKERS and who lived in harmony with nature. (by Rachael Gander) (by Jenny Haynes) (by Read more [...]

108″ wide quilt back NEWSPRINT in stores near you!

Hello! I'm so excited to announce that Windham Fabrics printed my Newsprint fabric in 108" wide quilt back cotton and it is zooming to stores near fact it might already be there! When I created my newsprint four years ago, I made a print that I knew I needed in my own stash. I LOVE newsprint and words and text. At that time, I only had one or two newsprint options (one was a linen which I had bought on etsy and which arrived a month later from China in a little brown paper package covered Read more [...]

Scrap bags of STORY for you!

A late summer treat for you!!! My new collection, Story, (see the fab lookbook here) for Windham Fabrics​ hits stores near you in September 2015, but you can be the first of your friends to tell your story with these fun scrap bags! Direct link to shop here. ($20 + shipping) About each scrap bag: This bag of awesomeness contains many (though not all) of the prints from my new collection, STORY, for Windham Fabrics. Pieces will vary in width from 6" to roughly 14" and may contain selvages Read more [...]

Story Party + giveaway

  Dear World, It is finally time to share my next fabric collection with you. World, meet Story! What is your story? What is essential to you? Your native tongue? Your family–community–country–tribe–village? What is your color story? Your personal mythology? The legacy of generations? Story is about community, connection and the essentials of life: home, family, love, garden, nature, stars, moon, sun, animals, friends. In Story, you’ll find archetypal building blocks of your Read more [...]

You ready for STORY?

Just one more week until my friends and I will share our stories with my new fabric collection, Story, for Windham Fabrics. We will have a big ol' party here to celebrate and there will be much confetti throwing via social media. There is so much to share and much to say about this collection. I can barely wait! Did I mention that I LOVE my friends? Also, did I mention that they are unbelievably talented? Just you wait. You'll see. Make sure to follow along here on the blog and Instagram and Read more [...]

Join the LOVE giveaway

Hi! Hope your 2015 is off to a lovely start. I'm streamlining some of the visual and content aspects of my quirky, offbeat brand in 2015. I want to thank you so much for following along with me for the past few years in this meandering journey as we explore such things as: renegade sewing, inspiration, craft & meaning, making art, prayer flags, living a passionate life, textile design, LEGOs, cosmic/existential musings, gratitude, mindfulness, awe-at-this-beautiful-existence, creativity, Read more [...]

Prayer flag project giveaway!

Sometimes the world is just so strangely tiny. In February, Vivika De Negre, editor at Interweave/Quilting Arts, and I were working on the details of filming my DVD for them and concurrently, I was asking a bunch of strangers via social media to sew some prayer flags for me with my new fabric collection, PAINT, for Windham Fabrics. These two events are seemingly completely unrelated. I googled prayer flags so that I could send people a link to see examples of handmade prayer flags. And what popped Read more [...]

A little secret about being an artist…

People really liked my first fabric, Collage, for Windham Fabrics–in a surprising way–as in: it performed better than anyone expected including Windham. I had never designed fabric before so I just flew by the seat of my pants and enjoyed myself immensely as I created that first line.Then it was time to design the second line and all of a sudden I was mildly nervous–the pressure was on. The sophomore effort is always loaded with expectation. You know I am a total fan of Beginner's Mind (read Read more [...]

Day 8 :: Shelly Figueroa & Bonnie Bobman

Last day of our PAINT party...sigh. It has been so fun. Thanks for joining us and playing along.First up–Shelly know...of Figgy's? She just has an eye. Her children's sewing patterns are wildly sophisticated and savvy, yet really friendly to sew. And she is such a warm and lovely woman. Also, you want to learn a thing or two about branding and telling a good and compelling brand story? Look at her website. Her photography, the styling, the models, the patterns, EVERYTHING about her Read more [...]

Day 7 :: Karen LePage & Tia Curtis

Karen LePage is a wise, soulful friend and I cherish her. She's the one I hang out with after a long day at Quilt Market, eating ice cream by the fire pit with our shoes off.She is a shoes-off type of a person. I feel really good around her beaming, grounded energy. And she is a super talented seamstress. Is that OK to say? Is that a bad word now, like waitress? Should I call her a stitch server? How about Sewing Ninja Princess or Awesomeness? She's more like a magician than anything– turning ordinary Read more [...]