The Hockey Stick

So, I was face-timing with my cousin Lee last week and he was seeing an image of my computer on his iPhone. He saw a screenshot of my Blogger analytics (the back-end statistical data of my blog) and he said, “Wow—you’ve got a hockey stick there!” I had no idea what he meant but have since learned that hockey stick growth refers to the visual of a rapid rate of increase on a graph. It looks like a hockey stick laying on its side.  read more

Owie Cat

When my little ladybird told me she fell down at school today and hurt her knee, I told her we’d go home and put ice-rice on it. To my great alarm and surprise, I realized that we didn’t actually have any ice-rice in our freezer (just frozen peas). Ice-rice is the normal stuff of preschool: cold rice in a little ziploc baggie used to soothe booboos. It does wonders for owies of all sorts. read more


I think I just wee-weed in my pants with sheer excitement and delight about the little LEGO minifigure I just managed to create FROM SCRATCH in Adobe Illustrator. I never even cried. I drew all of his tiny parts with the Shape tool and the Pen in Illustrator. (I know it isn’t perfect.) But I think I might possibly be kicking some serious mommy ass and win some best-mom-ever awards (only from my son, of course). A custom LEGO minifigure of his own? I think I just p e e d again! This might be the holy grail. Think of the possibilities…think of what this could mean! Where do we go from here? read more

have you seen these?

LEGO for Moleskine. Be still my heart.

LEGO for Moleskine. Limited edition journals: write in the book—attach LEGOS to the cover. And then the counsel to “think with your hands.” Goodness me. I think this might be my moment of nirvana in the capitalist mainframe for the week. Is it more heavenly for the child or for his parents? Not sure. We might just get some super glue and a Composition notebook and call it quits. 🙂 Get your at Moleskine or Amazon. read more

Lego Chess game

Lotso vs Yeti in a game of speed chess! I couldn’t help myself. It is rather tricky to make a tiny chess board from Legos and I hope to make a more elaborate version one day. The bishops have antennas…or is it antennae? The knights look rather horsey, so that is good. But the pawns are too short.