Stitch ‘N Swap Giveaway!

My cool friend,  Jake Finch of Generation Q Magazine, called and asked me to be a part of her book about swaps. To be honest, I had never been part of a swap (that’s when a sewing guild hosts an event for people to exchange sewn gifts). So I just made what I was into in that moment: EYE PILLOWS! I embroidered “i am enough” right onto one and voila! Instant awesomeness–a calming and grounding lavender eye pillow that also reminds us of the truth: that we are enough just as we are. read more

Craft Punk Giveaway :: My little punk rock girl in GenQ!

Pinhead Pincushion pattern available over at GenerationQ Magazine.
She’s kinda cute and kinda tough– totally spunky, craft-punky and rad. She’s bad-ass and adorable– my little punk rock girl. I sketched this idea for a pincushion two years ago on a napkin.  I was pondering pins and pincushions and it occurred to me that the pins could be piercings. Now, I’m not a pierced person myself–other than the obligatory (and short-lived) double left-ear-pierced phase in college…which I might need to revisit ;)…but my husband was all pierced-up when we met… …so anyway, my little punk rock girl isn’t a self portrait, but I think I am in love with her.  When the hip, new modern sewing magazine, GenerationQ, asked me to submit a project, you can imagine that I thought of her right away. She’s featured in the new issue (Fall 2012). They named her the Pinhead Pincushion, which I just love. The pattern is available on the GenQ website here for you to download. They even created a flickr group to showcase what you make! Some of my ideas are so weird, that I’m not sure if they are good or not–but I hope you like her as much as I do. Oh, and yes, that is blush on her cheeks…what? She needed a little color!

Anyway, leave a comment by August 23rd about your double left-ear-piercing phase (or some other phase) or your favorite pincushion and I’ll draw two lucky winners to receive the new GenerationQ Magazine!