Stitch ‘N Swap Giveaway!

My cool friend,  Jake Finch of Generation Q Magazine, called and asked me to be a part of her book about swaps. To be honest, I had never been part of a swap (that’s when a sewing guild hosts an event for people to exchange sewn gifts). So I just made what I was into in that moment: EYE PILLOWS! I embroidered “i am enough” right onto one and voila! Instant awesomeness–a calming and grounding lavender eye pillow that also reminds us of the truth: that we are enough just as we are. read more

Craft Punk Giveaway :: My little punk rock girl in GenQ!

Pinhead Pincushion pattern available over at GenerationQ Magazine.
She’s kinda cute and kinda tough– totally spunky, craft-punky and rad. She’s bad-ass and adorable– my little punk rock girl. I sketched this idea for a pincushion two years ago on a napkin.  I was pondering pins and pincushions and it occurred to me that the pins could be piercings. Now, I’m not a pierced person myself–other than the obligatory (and short-lived) double left-ear-pierced phase in college…which I might need to revisit ;)…but my husband was all pierced-up when we met… …so anyway, my little punk rock girl isn’t a self portrait, but I think I am in love with her.  When the hip, new modern sewing magazine, GenerationQ, asked me to submit a project, you can imagine that I thought of her right away. She’s featured in the new issue (Fall 2012). They named her the Pinhead Pincushion, which I just love. The pattern is available on the GenQ website here for you to download. They even created a flickr group to showcase what you make! Some of my ideas are so weird, that I’m not sure if they are good or not–but I hope you like her as much as I do. Oh, and yes, that is blush on her cheeks…what? She needed a little color!

Anyway, leave a comment by August 23rd about your double left-ear-piercing phase (or some other phase) or your favorite pincushion and I’ll draw two lucky winners to receive the new GenerationQ Magazine!

Generation Q GIVEAWAY

I’m sure you’ve already heard and maybe even seen the adorablest, coolest magazine for sewinistas—GenerationQ? Man, is it fun to read…

GenerationQ founders, Jake Finch, Melissa Maher, and Megan Dougherty, have backgrounds in quilting journalism. They recently decided there was a spot in the market for a publication focusing on the community of the modern quilting/sewing movement and GenQ was born as an online magazine. (They even featured me right here.) read more