The idea of colors

A painting of mine from this year called The Ecstatic Beauty of It All (Carrie Bloomston)

I wrote in the last post here about the “idea” of colors. I also wrote about how we are instructed early by painting teachers to never use paint right out of the tube. This is such an important point and I want to explain it further here as it applies to every area of art, design, sewing, crafting, etc. read more


I really can’t share a lot. And you know that it is so hard to keep a secret. And I have been patient since I finished these designs in September. Tap, tap, tap…patiently waiting. So patient. But the wonderful folks at Windham Fabrics said I could show a little, tiny peek…of my new line of fabric. And this is just a peek. And these are just strike-offs. On my bike. read more