Recycled Newspaper Holiday Garland

Today’s festive and spirited craft is really helping me feel the season. I always see pretty garlands on Pinterest but I don’t usually take the time to design my own. This project was inspired by folded circle felt garlands I have seen, but I made mine from recyclables! I am a huge fan of newspaper and I like to use it for lots of projects–I just love the whole low meets high thing. I mean, newsprint is basically trash–it is cheap and ubiquitous. (The shiny ad section came in very handy because of all the red ads for Christmas, so I took advantage of those.) I elevated it a bit by inserting a restricted palette of scrapbooking paper.  I like making pretty things out of trash. And I like making something so ephemeral and normal into a special and cool holiday decoration. To make the garland:

  • Cut the circles with a 2 1/2″ diameter hole punch from Michael’s.
  • Now just start grabbing different colors and creating a nice composition and color balance as you sew:
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