Painting again

Be So Brave – 11″ x 15″ – January 2013 (Ink and collage on paper)

dear, world–
after a long,
long pause,
am painting again.
will need your help:
your galleries,
your support,
your kindness.
need reminders to
be so brave.
need to be empty.
but this time,
beginner’s mind it’s not.
for all of my love of not-knowing
how to do things,
i’m afraid i’ll have to own up
to this one-
that i know this tongue-
that this language begins
where nouns and verbs end.
and to be unafraid.
and to play.
wish me luck.

see some older  work here and here. read more

Fall Quilt Market 2012

Hello, friends. I just got back from Fall Quilt Market 2012 and thought I’d share a little bit of what I saw. It was good…and eye-opening…and interesting. I didn’t have a booth this time, but I will at Spring Market in Portland in May where I will debut my first ever collection of fabric for Windham! yay! But anyway, it was interesting because I wandered around the show as a spectator and I saw things differently. Here are a few observations about Market: read more

little post-it notes for the soul

Just watched shame researcher, Brené Brown, PhD, speaking at the Omega Institute in New York via live feed. Pretty cool. She spoke about similar things from her TED talk here. In today’s talk she shared some thoughts on our culture of “scarcity”, in which we wake up saying, “we didn’t get enough sleep,” and we go to bed saying “we didn’t get enough done.” Basically, telling ourselves that we aren’t enough all day long. She also spoke about letting go of exhaustion as a status symbol. I find her genuineness and warmth to be rather comforting and her research on vulnerability to be uber-inspiring. read more

we’re in a little museum show

So, I was asked about six months ago if my husband and I would like to be included in a show at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art called Artists and Their Children. I thought it was nice that they included us. My husband is an artist too. We didn’t come up with a plan and just figured it would evolve. Which it has. And because this is a fun opportunity to showcase the beautiful mess that is our family’s creative life, I wanted it to just be playful. So for six months I silently curated the flotsam and jetsam of creative offerings that churn out of the day-to-day. Most things are not actual art objects but instead are creative solutions to homemade toys, which is to say—weapons. I think necessity is the mother of invention and if you don’t give your five year old a light saber he’s gonna make one himself. read more

STUDIOS Magazine!

Hoot! I am featured in the Winter 2011 issue of STUDIOS Magazine. As usual, the McNamara‘s took amazing pictures of the studio. My mom and husband helped me organize my studio and I made a new friend—the incredible new editor of STUDIOS, Linda Blinn. She is a wonderful, caring woman with a keen eye for the artful and we enjoyed our dialogue so much that neither of us wanted it to end. Her vision for the magazine is strong and clear and distinctly new for STUDIOS. You won’t believe the incredible spaces featured in this issue—a chocolate factory, a former church, a tiny Parisian attic, a contemporary Mexican loft rising from a hillside, and then my little studio—which is just fine for me and my family but not anything fancy. Anna Maria Horner’s sweet new studio is featured on the cover. You can get your hands on a copy anywhere—Barnes & Noble, quilt shops, or any crafty place or bookstore. Pretty neato. read more

Wonky Little Houses Pillows finished!

Hi. Here they are–my finished designs. I love the archetype of the little house and all that it might mean and stand-for as an icon. And then I just love birds. They are decoration for the ages. It seems that art history is filled with little birds…flitting about, bringing a bit of string…being birdies. When I was in art school, there was no insult more complete, no critique more insulting than to call something decorative. That would be like saying to someone’s face, “There is nothing in your heart or mind. You are a ninny and the work you make is meaningless.” Except that would be kind compared to calling something decorative. I could wield that knife-like critique with the rest of them. read more