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Hope your 2015 is off to a lovely start. I’m streamlining some of the visual and content aspects of my quirky, offbeat brand in 2015. I want to thank you so much for following along with me for the past few years in this meandering journey as we explore such things as: renegade sewing, inspiration, craft & meaning, making art, prayer flags, living a passionate life, textile design, LEGOs, cosmic/existential musings, gratitude, mindfulness, awe-at-this-beautiful-existence, creativity, art school recovery, color theory, banishing the inner-critic, quilting, inner-kid care, the importance of play, momfulness and general Divine Feminine wisdom. It is a random assortment, to be sure. But it is always authentic and honest. I’m grateful to you. read more

Tuning in for the New Year

This is the second in a series of posts this week leading up to teaching you to make Vision Boards and other activities on New Year’s Day.

First we have to tune in–to slow down–to listen. If your life is anything like mine it is noisy even when it is quiet. I have young children and there is a wonderful constantness to this part of life. Even if I am not particularly busy, the moments, hours and days are very full and constantly noisy. It is hard to listen to the urges from my heart when there is so much pulling me to distraction–even if it is good distraction. And so we have to carve out some time from the noise. read more

Make Modern giveaway!

Hiya. My laundry is now folded and I can move on to telling you about the incredible visual feast that is the new Australian modern sewing online quilt magazine called Make Modern! Seriously…have you heard of it? I am dazzled. Check out their second-ever issue over here on their preview. The projects are gorgeous and fresh. I was honored that they did a rather long designer feature of me this month and in celebration, we are giving away three onetime subscriptions to the magazine. You are absolutely going to love it. Also, I have always been really fond of the esthetic sensibility of the vibrant modern sewing movement in Australia. They have it going on over there. I see in Australian designers an inherent lack of fear and limitation–a lot of expressivity. read more

We made a movie!

Books need trailers, too! So we made some movie magic to celebrate the launch of my new book, The Little Spark–30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity (Stash Books 2014). It is in stores now…just in time for holiday gift giving and perfect for anyone on your list who is ready to step into a life of creativity and passion! Hope you like the clip…and feel free to share it! read more