QuiltMania on stands Soon

Mon dieu! Quelle chose marveilleuse! QuiltMania is a French magazine that is printed in both French and English. They asked me if I they could feature my Wonky Houses pattern—a thrill and an honor. I also created for them a variation of my Wonky Little Houses pattern pillow called Les Deux Petites Maisons (Two Little Houses). I am excited and honored to see my pattern in its pages. There are some adorable projects inside that I can’t wait to create. read more

Wonky Little Houses™ Quilt

Having passed through many loving hands, the Wonky Little Houses™ Quilt is finally finished. I LOVED making this quilt. Certainly, I was making it for the pattern cover– but in my heart I was making it for my little girl. I wrote her a secret message, only visible when the quilt is folded down. It says, “may happiness always find you.” This is the biggest quilt I have ever made- a Twin. The pattern is a companion to my Wonky Little Houses™ Pillow and for a sense of scale, I increased the size of the houses. Once finished, the quilt moved on to the amazingly talented and loving hands of Carol Meka from Tomorrow’s Treasures. I was referred to Carol by my pals at the Bernina Connection. When I met Carol she was in her converted, carpeted three car garage studio sewing away on her old Bernina in bare feet. The first thing she said to me was, “come on in–sorry for my socked feet–I have to quilt in socks–I always tell my students that–you just don’t have the control you need on the foot pedal in shoes.” I kinda fell in love with her the moment I met her. Bubbly, wise, gentle and kind. I just love people who are so comfortable with who they are that they start a conversation as though they have known you forever. Anyway, Carol quilted my quilt so beautifully. She filled it with artful meanderings and included flowers, hearts and spirals that are only visible on the back. I requested back-and- forth channeling for the grass and she surpassed my expectations. And then she bound it. I am not ashamed to say that I am terrible at binding and will happily outsource that particular job to someone so much more qualified than I am. And then Jill came over and photographed the quilt for the pattern cover. As usual, her photos are just so good. So, check back in the shop in a week and the pattern will be there for sale. AND when you check back, you might be surprised to see the look of my website and blog. But that is another story…
(If you look closely, you can see my message written in thread at the top on the folded over flap.)