The real truth. Not photoshopped.

I know that people don’t read long blog posts but there is something on my mind.

So, there is a lot of exciting stuff going on–with my fabric and new patterns and upcoming photo shoot and a really nice interview over on the Windham blog about my inspirations here. Yes. And as a business owner and my own little ringmaster of marketing, social media, and all things buzz, it is my job to tell you all about it. read more

The big four oh.

My birthday is this week and it has got me thinking—really thinking.

On March 15, 2010, when I began this blog with a post about my sewing machine, it was a bold move to make a beginning. It was a tiny speck of dust, a squeak, a throat-clearing, spoken into the immensity of the internet. I didn’t know where it would take me, but it was a start. At its conception, it was just like what blogger, Herriott Grace calls, “a savings account for things I like.” Pretty simple—just my favorite stuff from the web and the things I was sewing. I was a beginner at both sewing and blogging, and I was healing some stuff so I was following my bliss. read more