Day 7 :: Karen LePage & Tia Curtis

Karen LePage is a wise, soulful friend and I cherish her. She’s the one I hang out with after a long day at Quilt Market, eating ice cream by the fire pit with our shoes off.

She is a shoes-off type of a person. I feel really good around her beaming, grounded energy. And she is a super talented seamstress. Is that OK to say? Is that a bad word now, like waitress? Should I call her a stitch server? How about Sewing Ninja Princess or Awesomeness? She’s more like a magician than anything– turning ordinary quilting cotton into this smooth, drapey substance that looks like high fashion couture. read more

Day 5 :: Tia Curtis!

So, last year at Market a pretty blonde woman walked into my booth. She had peaceful, grounded energy. She was all smiles. She liked my stuff. And she lingered. We chatted and chatted and liked each other. Eventually, she pulled out her card. It said Camp Follower Bags & Quilts. I looked at it and looked back at her: “you’re Camp Follower Bags?…(tears squeezing from my eyes)… I love you!” Then it became a whole lovefest in the booth as I showered her with compliments. The sewing/crafty/blogging world is pretty small and so of course I had seen her work before. For Camp Follower, she cuts up “your hero’s military uniform” to create custom bags and quilts. It is special, honorific, sacred work she does. It is big-picture sewing. It comes from her heart and the stories of each piece are so touching. Now she is working under her other blog monniker, Tia Curtis Quilts, and doing amazing custom work and quilting. (Tia is an incredible and fast custom quilter if you need anything quilted.) read more