My next fabric collection…DREAMER!

I can finally share my next fabric collection with you. (You know it is so hard to wait nine months before I can share.) But here she is...World, meet DREAMER!!! This sweet, fresh, bohemian collection is filled with layered patterns I made both with my typical collage technique and by hand-painted watercolor. This collection is a love song to the earth and to our ancestors around the globe who were MAKERS and who lived in harmony with nature. (by Rachael Gander) (by Jenny Haynes) (by Read more [...]

108″ wide quilt back NEWSPRINT in stores near you!

Hello! I'm so excited to announce that Windham Fabrics printed my Newsprint fabric in 108" wide quilt back cotton and it is zooming to stores near fact it might already be there! When I created my newsprint four years ago, I made a print that I knew I needed in my own stash. I LOVE newsprint and words and text. At that time, I only had one or two newsprint options (one was a linen which I had bought on etsy and which arrived a month later from China in a little brown paper package covered Read more [...]

My label for Blue Moon :: VOTE NOW

    I was selected as one of 20 artists during the Rising Moons art challenge to have a label on a bottle of Blue Moon's Belgian White Ale to celebrate their 20th anniversary. I happen to be a Blue Moon fan already so this was extra fun for me and I am crazy excited to see my art on their bottle. While exploring our directive for this art challenge and hearing brewmaster Keith Villa speak passionately about his craft, I felt the joy and collaboration that goes into producing Blue Read more [...]