PAINT PARTY :: DAY 2 :: Julie Goldin and Sally Keller

Here is the PAINT collection! In stores July 2014.

Day 2 of the PAINT party. Today, I am going to let you in on one aspect of my design process–the complete and total surrendering of control.

I am in recovery from control. I used to be super-controlling…seriously. I was a white-knuckler. I thought that the more stuff I could control, the greater the outcome would be. But life had other plans for me, thank goodness. Control is just a tool we use to treat our anxiety and existential dis-ease. When we don’t have answers to some of the big, profound questions in life, we control the outcome of all the small sh*t. And it becomes addictive. It makes us feel better and soothed. And, at the same time, it is completely exhausting because we run around like this: “I’m good enough, see? See how great I am at all this? Look at how I know what I’m doing. Look at how perfect I am…see?”  We begin to perfect everything in an attempt to show the outside world how completely awesome we are. But on the inside, we are just overwhelmingly uncomfortable with how imperfect we are–how messy, human, changeable, and scared we are–how terrified we are of everything and of life itself. So we control. But we aren’t in control anyway. It is all an illusion. We use control to self-medicate. If we think we are the one in control, then that places us higher than things like: nature, science, serendipity, god, synchronicity, poetry, divinity, wonder and magic. And that sucks. Because then we aren’t open to all of that wonderful stuff.    read more

Day 8 :: Sally Keller

In the midst of getting stuff ready for any deadline, it can sometimes be a mild panic/freak-out/rush. Sally might attest to that. Wonderful Laura Jaquinto (my new BFF) over at Windham Fabrics has held my hand through the whole process of developing my first fabric line. She has begun to intuit my urges and instincts, rather like observing a wild animal in its habitat. She knew I was freezing-up (due to being overwhelmed) when it came time to produce all the quilts and samples with my fabric, so she rounded up Sally Keller to help test a mostly-written pattern for me: the Watercolor Quilt. This quilt depicts a huge watercolor tray laid out on newspaper and in the upper right corner is a sheet of paper containing a child’s watercolor painting and signature (the art is all raw edge appliqué but the tray and background and paper are all pieced). read more