The Nest Quilt

Welcome the Nest Quilt! It may just be my favorite. In this, my newest pattern, we aren’t putting a bird on it (for once). Nope. This time we are becoming the bird. This pattern really exemplifies my branding and desire to help you Celebrate your inner artist. You will need to be wild and free like a bird as you create this quilt: gathering scraps, quickly placing them, and creating your own nest. There aren’t templates for every step. You are going to have to trust the directions and trust yourself–break some rules. Just let go, be free, and fly, little birdie. 🙂  read more

Giggle & Squeak!

I have been sitting on my hands and my hat for months, but I can finally show you what I have been working on—the Giggle & Squeak™ quilt and pillow pattern! This adorable quilt for boys or girls whips up so easily using simple fusible appliqué techniques. You are sure to giggle and squeak as you are creating these friendly animals for the kiddos you love. Also included in the pattern are instructions for creating a piped pillow in two sizes and guidelines for making the pattern as a twin quilt. read more


We are rather excited about the release of our three newest patterns around here. I wanted to let you know something cool about the Good Karma Quilt pattern: when you purchase the Good Karma pattern, you’ll get good karma! A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every Good Karma pattern goes to benefit one of my favorite local charities, Phoenix Children’s Hospital . Good karma, dudes. Very good karma.

In honor of the release of our new patterns, how about a GIVEAWAY? I’ll send one winner a hot-off-the-presses copy of the Good Karma quilt pattern. Let me know you are here by joining this blog or Facebook as a follower, and if you already have, then just leave a comment here before January 15th at midnight.

…and here is a little quote about karma for us to chew on: read more

New patterns ship this week!

Dear stores, customers, and vendors:

Thank you for your patience! Our three newest patterns (Perfect Balance quilt, Good Karma Quilt, & the Oh, Boy! finger puppets ship this week. Hurrah!

(Unless of course there is an unforeseen delay…which there won’t be…oh, I hope there isn’t! Oh, please… oh, please, no more delays. OK, perhaps we should cross our fingers. Or maybe forward this post to the printer?) read more

The Patterns are here!

Oh, I just love it when a plan comes together. Besides being a ton of work, this pattern business is absolutely so much fun. Even the hard work is fun. But there are exciting moments when months of effort, thought, and coordination come to fruition in one long-awaited PDF. It was all for this. All the designing, sewing, talking, quilting, photographing, more designing, much editing, and then here they are!   read more

Oh, Boy!

We are debuting my entire line at the 2011 Fall International Quilt Market and Festival in just one week in Houston. (gulp.) (!!!) (hurrah!) I have been crazy busy for months designing and finalizing and preparing…

I just can’t wait any longer to reveal my newest puppet pattern—the Oh, Boy!™ Finger Puppet pattern. It was completely inspired by the interests and passions of my son. Five year old boys are just so cool. And the thing is, every time he picks up my other puppets, he makes them clobber each other. Aah, the lovely inherent violence of boys. I am the non-violent sort—more of the peace-loving-hippie type, really. So it has been quite a lesson in gender differences for me to see how boys are so innately warring and keenly interested in all things that can launch, hurl, shoot, or fling. Not to mention their love of heavy machinery, espionage, gadgets, and Star Wars (even if they haven’t actually seen the movie). read more

Hot off the presses!

Here they are, smokin’ hot off-the-presses and still steaming– two new patterns from SUCH Designs! These feature a design by guest designer, Cyndi Coon. Read the earlier post about our fun photo shoot here.

(These are the pattern covers. They fold in half, so the back cover is on the left and the front cover is on the right.)

They will be coming soon to my Etsy shop and a store near you! And, by the way, come take our T-shirt yarn class next Wednesday, June 22nd from 6-8 pm at Bernina Connection. Click here for more info. It is loads of fun. Bring young girls, teen girls, young women or your mom. It is fun for all ages and the results are amazing. All you need are your ugliest old 5k t-shirt, scissors and Tacky glue (available at Bernina.) Don’t have old t-shirts? Raid a thrift store. The real problem is that this is so fun and addictive you might start cutting up favorite t-shirts from your closet! read more

T-shirt Yarn, anyone?

So my friend, Cyndi Coon, is a making, blogging, artsy, craftsy, chefy, supah-stah. She’s a writer, designer,promoter of all-things-craft, a marketing whiz and all around cool person. I adore her and have done so for a long, long time. She is a real, live human– real the way you wish everybody could be. You can see her blogging about craft here and here and visit her website here. Now, I’m no dummy…and I can see a good thing when it is staring me in the face. I saw one of her tutorials for creating jewelry from old t-shirts a while back and I just couldn’t shake it. It is so good. So simple. So fun and easy to make something that looks fabulous. I thought about her amazing and addictive T-shirt Yarn jewelry tutorial and collaborating with her somehow (read: vulturishly profiting off of her talent and/or promoting and supporting her by publishing and selling her pattern so we can both become rich beyond our wildest dreams off of recycled t-shirts.) And I just had to ask her if she’d like to be a guest designer for SUCH Designs. To which she said yes. So, SUCH Designs’ two newest patterns featuring Cyndi’s designs will be coming out in the next two weeks! These are kits including the items you need to create your own jewelry and hairwear. Check back at my etsy shop to buy yours soon! I will give you a sneak peek of our incredible…nay, words-cannot-describe-the-greatness photo shoot with the mind-blowingly talented photography duo behind (Jill McNamara and Jill Richards or rather, Tall Jill and Short Jill, as they call themselves.) In an effort to promote all the people I adore, let me just say: hire these women to photograph your life, your business, your kids, your house, whatever…just do it…you’ll be glad you did. So, Cyndi wrangled up some models (who are not models) by simply putting out a call to her friends on Facebook. Little did we know that we would get the three perfect girls on the perfect afternoon with the perfect photographers with the best T-shirt Yarn jewelry this side of the Mississippi. Allow me to stop writing so you can see the splendid fruits of that day.