Grateful Sewing :: Thanksgiving gifts for teachers

Teacher gifts are always fun to give. Thanksgiving seems like a perfect excuse to make a little craft for giving thanks and expressing gratitude for the wonderful people who help nurture our kids. Today we made lavender sachets for the kids’ teachers. They were super easy and the kids helped out. I often want to help my children to do more to express their gratitude. I was hoping that we’d do some hand sewing for these, but that was a lofty goal. I’d rather them do a little with joy, than a lot with whining 🙂 So my wee one filled the sachets and the big kiddo wrote “Gratitude” and “Luve.” read more

a butterfly flaps its wings in Japan…

photo by Howard Jones

9,500 people missing from just one town. I am stunned…saddened…speechless. Watching images of the power of the sea and the earth makes me feel humble to say the least…but nauseated is mor apt. Really, there are no words for it…fear, panic, shock, pain…these words seem weightless in comparison to the events in Japan. Our hearts break for the Japanese people and also for ourselves–for the horrible loss of even a single human life, let alone thousands. read more

Hi. I have a guest blogging gig that I’d like to share with you. I am the new Kindness Blogger over at I just posted for the first time…and I would love to see your images of kindness. I’ll try to keep it on the real side of kind…not sticky or sappy…but genuine and honest and hopefully inspiring. If you have any stories of kindness, please feel free to share with us. We need texture…grit…you know…the real stuff. read more