My next fabric collection…DREAMER!

I can finally share my next fabric collection with you. (You know it is so hard to wait nine months before I can share.) But here she is...World, meet DREAMER!!! This sweet, fresh, bohemian collection is filled with layered patterns I made both with my typical collage technique and by hand-painted watercolor. This collection is a love song to the earth and to our ancestors around the globe who were MAKERS and who lived in harmony with nature. (by Rachael Gander) (by Jenny Haynes) (by Read more [...]

Day 5 of the blog party!

Party on, people! Today we get to see the super-cute and practical Chunky Wee Bag (in two sizes) by Sam Hunter of Hunter's Design Studio. (Go enter her giveaway HERE to win some PAINT!)  It is the perfect bag for a little girl because it is sort of grown up in its construction (it's durable and made really well) yet the fabric makes it playful and a great treasure collecting bag...see?Sam chose my Weave print for her bags and I think it looks just amazing. That print is one of my favorites. Read more [...]

The Princess and the Pea

I am thrilled to announce the newest pattern in my line: The Princess and the Pea Finger Puppet pattern. I had so much fun making this collection. I wanted the Princess to be sweet and sleepy and the Queen to be slightly bossy and a bit dominant as she is written in the original Hans Christian Andersen tale here. And, btw, no need for revisionist history here, peeps. He wrote it in 1835. Let's just let it be, nkay?Here is my version of the tale:A prince is ready to find a young woman with whom he Read more [...]

Wonky Little Houses™ Quilt

Having passed through many loving hands, the Wonky Little Houses™ Quilt is finally finished. I LOVED making this quilt. Certainly, I was making it for the pattern cover-- but in my heart I was making it for my little girl. I wrote her a secret message, only visible when the quilt is folded down. It says, "may happiness always find you."This is the biggest quilt I have ever made- a Twin. The pattern is a companion to my Wonky Little Houses™ Pillow and for a sense of scale, I increased the size Read more [...]