Summer craft :: Alternate uses for sewing patterns

Kids are so cool. They just know how to make their own fun. Lately, several of my mama friends have been emailing me pictures of creations made by their cooped-up Arizona summertime kids. I was surprised to hear what they used as inspiration—my Giggle & Squeak quilt pattern templates! I am totally inspired to make a coloring/art book when I see these kids using my templates in such creative ways. I particularly like the framed creations by Lily. Kids don’t need any help from me to celebrate their inner artists. Rather, I need help from them to remember to think creatively and find inspiration from the things that are right in front of me. Give your sewing templates to your kids and see what summer fun you can make! read more

Giggle & Squeak!

I have been sitting on my hands and my hat for months, but I can finally show you what I have been working on—the Giggle & Squeak™ quilt and pillow pattern! This adorable quilt for boys or girls whips up so easily using simple fusible appliqué techniques. You are sure to giggle and squeak as you are creating these friendly animals for the kiddos you love. Also included in the pattern are instructions for creating a piped pillow in two sizes and guidelines for making the pattern as a twin quilt. read more