Gender cake?

Have you heard about the new trend in baby gender announcements, gender reveal parties? My darling sister-in-law (and brother) did just that a few weeks ago. Here’s how it goes: the couple goes to the twenty-week ultrasound, but instead of searching for the baby’s gender on the black and white monitor, the expectant couple does everything in their power NOT to see the dangling member (or its absence). The technician writes the baby’s gender on a card and seals it into an envelope. The parents-to-be drive directly to the bakery and drop off the results. The baker pipes either pink or blue frosting in between two layers of cake and then ices the cakes as usual. The gender is later revealed at a party when the couple cuts into the cake in front of family and friends and they all learn the gender together! Click here to read about the trend. How much fun! See their picture below to find out if I will have a new niece or nephew… read more