Day 8 :: Shelly Figueroa & Bonnie Bobman

Last day of our PAINT party…sigh. It has been so fun. Thanks for joining us and playing along.

First up–Shelly Figueroa…you know…of Figgy’s? She just has an eye. Her children’s sewing patterns are wildly sophisticated and savvy, yet really friendly to sew. And she is such a warm and lovely woman. Also, you want to learn a thing or two about branding and telling a good and compelling brand story? Look at her website. Her photography, the styling, the models, the patterns, EVERYTHING about her site is spot-on and gorgeous. read more

Collage part day 6 :: Shelly Figueroa

Shelly‘s was my first Twitter-born friendship. Almost as soon as we connected, we were emailing and I expressed a wee problem to her as an aside: it was the first week of last summer–one day before summer camp was to start for my kiddos, I found out that due to an error I made, neither of my kids was actually going to be able to attend camp the next day … or for the next month … in the desert …… in 110 degree heat ……….. for a month ………. with nothing to do. And I had to work. That is called deep doodoo for a mama. And I was rather upset. And so I expressed that to Shelly and said that I wished I could just drive my kids up the west coast and camp in tree houses and yurts and end up in Oregon. It was sheer escapist fantasy, but my new Twitter-born friend immediately took action. She put it out on her social media that a friend of hers needed to housesit and she started making stuff happen. It was the nicest thing she could have possibly done. read more