12 minute birthday bunting

Six years ago we left the hospital with our baby boy. After the beauty of his birth and the exquisite privacy and interiority of the few days that followed, the world seemed completely new as we drove home. The road was filled with cars still and I didn’t understand why. It was Super Bowl Sunday and I couldn’t believe that they hadn’t called it off—that the world was still going on. Didn’t they all know that our baby had been born? Wasn’t the world completely new to everyone? No, but it sure does feel that way when you bring home a baby. read more

Oh, Boy!

We are debuting my entire line at the 2011 Fall International Quilt Market and Festival in just one week in Houston. (gulp.) (!!!) (hurrah!) I have been crazy busy for months designing and finalizing and preparing…

I just can’t wait any longer to reveal my newest puppet pattern—the Oh, Boy!™ Finger Puppet pattern. It was completely inspired by the interests and passions of my son. Five year old boys are just so cool. And the thing is, every time he picks up my other puppets, he makes them clobber each other. Aah, the lovely inherent violence of boys. I am the non-violent sort—more of the peace-loving-hippie type, really. So it has been quite a lesson in gender differences for me to see how boys are so innately warring and keenly interested in all things that can launch, hurl, shoot, or fling. Not to mention their love of heavy machinery, espionage, gadgets, and Star Wars (even if they haven’t actually seen the movie). read more