A little nip…a little tuck

I have this Mexican flour sack dress and I wear it even though it swallows me up whole. I wear it because it makes me feel like a designer and artist…which I am, of course. But it sort of makes me look the part. Every time I wear my flour sack, people stop me to tell me they like it and the other day a friend said: “you look like the definition of summer.” My husband has never been a fan of my flour sack and he was right–it was just too boxy and big. That is…until today. Now, he says it is really pretty. It was just a rectangle before, so I took it in all the way from the sleeves to the hem to create a more feminine shape. And I created a more flattering neckline. And you know what? Because of this dress, I ate watermelon for dinner and cucumbers with lime juice. I swear I can hear faint castanets even as I am typing this. And doesn’t everything just look better with an Anthro belt? (after)

On deck…

My first crafting super-hero was without a doubt, Lotta Jansdotter. I think that my crush is almost a decade old now. I just love her simple, clear aesthetic…her earthy palette…the gentle and quirky nature-inspired drawings she prints on her textiles. I once, long ago, even had one of her aprons but it is gone- (you can read about my love of the apron from my Ode to the Apron post here.) I have her stationary, cards, etc. In fact, she is really no longer my crafting super-hero…simply because I have loved her for so long that I now have many new craft crushes. But I would say she is part of my foundation. I am going to make her Simple Dress for my baby girl. And I am using her lovely fabric. The pattern is in her book Simple Sewing for Baby. read more