The Hockey Stick

So, I was face-timing with my cousin Lee last week and he was seeing an image of my computer on his iPhone. He saw a screenshot of my Blogger analytics (the back-end statistical data of my blog) and he said, “Wow—you’ve got a hockey stick there!” I had no idea what he meant but have since learned that hockey stick growth refers to the visual of a rapid rate of increase on a graph. It looks like a hockey stick laying on its side.  read more

The trouble with blogging or confessions of a social media addict

housemade, artisinal iPhones

Oh dear. My thoughts won’t leave me alone today. I am supposed to be cleaning my disaster of a studio. Am listening to the Sundays—very loudly I might add—in hopes that it might drown out my thoughts so I can clean my work table of all the patterns left unassembled from my recent shipments. But alas, my monkey mind is chatting away and my ears, though filled with song, are hooked up to my brain, damnit. So here I am at the damn computer again. I refuse to turn down the Sundays as I type because I am in blogging denial and so my fingers feel rather frenetic and the dark chocolate I just ate is making me feel fairly hopped-up and invincible. read more