Prayer flag project giveaway!

Sometimes the world is just so strangely tiny. In February, Vivika De Negre, editor at Interweave/Quilting Arts, and I were working on the details of filming my DVD for them and concurrently, I was asking a bunch of strangers via social media to sew some prayer flags for me with my new fabric collection, PAINT, for Windham Fabrics. These two events are seemingly completely unrelated. I googled prayer flags so that I could send people a link to see examples of handmade prayer flags. And what popped up was Vivika’s Prayer Flag Project blog! We had more in common than we even knew. Both of us love prayer flags. Vivika has been blogging about artful, handmade prayer flags since 2011 here. I am happy to be a part of her blog hop today and so excited to share the prayer flags made by my tribe: read more

Time for a PAINT party!

Yay! So excited to finally share my next fabric collection, PAINT, for Windham Fabrics with you. As a designer apparently you just learn to sit on your hands and endure the waiting. I designed this line in September and sent it to Windham. We had some back and forth and it was done by October. And ever since I have waited as we go through the process of strike-off’s and color correcting and then ultimately they send me fabric. read more

Woohoo! COLLAGE Party time!

Now is the time, the time is now! Finally, after waiting nine months I can show you my new fabric line, COLLAGE, for Windham Fabrics.

OK, so I did make one or two novelties like these cups and pomegranates…

Why Collage? I could have easily painted this collection, as painting is what I do and have always done. I see the world better sometimes with brush in hand. But I couldn’t paint this. I needed to bypass my normal mode to create this first line. Another of my loves, collage, jumped up and I couldn’t ignore it. So I created this line by cutting and pasting. read more