The great #UNPLUG of 2013

The Great #Unplug of 2013
or The Relative Merits and Discomforts of a Social Media Fast
or The Extrovert’s Dilemma
or I Feel it All (Feist)

I unplugged from all social media for exactly one month, after being inspired by this summer’s article in Fast Company by Baratunde Thurston here. Thurston describes himself as the world’s most connected man. I am so not, but I am managing a family and wearing a lot of hats including social media marketing for my little creativity brand. read more


I am gonna go #UNPLUG now. No social media for a few weeks. No Instagram. No Facebook. No Pinterest. No blogging. No compulsive checking. No dopamine uptake in my brain for a thumb or a like. No public sharing of private moments. No voyeuristic peering into the private moments of everyone else’s not-so-private lives. I’m just going to go be in my life like it was 1999… for at least three weeks. 🙂 Then I’ll be back, because I like social media. read more