Carrie Bloomston helps companies of all sizes amplify their creative thinking and team-building abilities through art-based, group workshops. Wake up the right side of your company’s brain and help them to see possibilities for growth.

Carrie loves tailoring her worskhops to her clients’ values and mission. She’ll customize the experience your needs and wants.

Carrie’s base Corporate Creativity Workshop includes:

  • Igniting your team.
  • Building confidence.
  • Stepping outside of daily, habitual, rational and linear thinking processes to find the source of creativity.


Sessions are typically 2-3 hours and include: painting, vision boards, or playing with various art mediums.

  • Carrie offers gentle, inspiring instructions including essential color theory, composition, and painting techniques to spark the process.
  • Participants work as a group or individually.
  • Create custom art for your headquarters! A favorite event offers participants the chance to paint collaboratively on a large group of canvases which will hang in the client’s office. Because Carrie curates the color palette to the client’s space or needs, the effect of the art is harmonious and beautiful–not to mention enlivening for the team. This workshop ignites the team and the client receives gorgeous, meaningful art to hang.


Contact Carrie for more information and/or to tailor a workshop for your company or team.

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