The Nest Quilt digital PDF pattern now available

I am so excited to announce that my newest pattern, The Nest Quilt, is finally available in my shopping cart HERE as a downloadable, printable PDF! Come and get it!!!!

Be wild and free like a bird as your create this quilt…gathering scraps and placing them with a washable school glue stick. You’ll create an art quilt you can cuddle under–or a wonderful wall hanging–in just a few simple steps. Break some rules with this fun, fast, and crazy-raw collage quilt. How many eggs does your nest need? read more

The real truth. Not photoshopped.

I know that people don’t read long blog posts but there is something on my mind.

So, there is a lot of exciting stuff going on–with my fabric and new patterns and upcoming photo shoot and a really nice interview over on the Windham blog about my inspirations here. Yes. And as a business owner and my own little ringmaster of marketing, social media, and all things buzz, it is my job to tell you all about it. read more

The Nest Quilt

Welcome the Nest Quilt! It may just be my favorite. In this, my newest pattern, we aren’t putting a bird on it (for once). Nope. This time we are becoming the bird. This pattern really exemplifies my branding and desire to help you Celebrate your inner artist. You will need to be wild and free like a bird as you create this quilt: gathering scraps, quickly placing them, and creating your own nest. There aren’t templates for every step. You are going to have to trust the directions and trust yourself–break some rules. Just let go, be free, and fly, little birdie. 🙂  read more

Painting again (more)

You know that this sewing stuff I make and show to you here is all relatively new for me. It comes from a deep and abiding joy. It is a new project–a new brand. But it isn’t the whole me. I will sometimes share a tiny bit of my other work. It might not appeal to you and that is OK. We are each our own morass of impulses, urges, and complexities. They don’t all overlap. But they define us. read more

Recycled Newspaper Holiday Garland

Today’s festive and spirited craft is really helping me feel the season. I always see pretty garlands on Pinterest but I don’t usually take the time to design my own. This project was inspired by folded circle felt garlands I have seen, but I made mine from recyclables! I am a huge fan of newspaper and I like to use it for lots of projects–I just love the whole low meets high thing. I mean, newsprint is basically trash–it is cheap and ubiquitous. (The shiny ad section came in very handy because of all the red ads for Christmas, so I took advantage of those.) I elevated it a bit by inserting a restricted palette of scrapbooking paper.  I like making pretty things out of trash. And I like making something so ephemeral and normal into a special and cool holiday decoration. To make the garland:

  • Cut the circles with a 2 1/2″ diameter hole punch from Michael’s.
  • Now just start grabbing different colors and creating a nice composition and color balance as you sew:
  • read more