Teaching creativity

You know when you do something so often but you don’t identify yourself with it? It is almost under your radar? That’s how teaching is for me. I guide big groups of people on an almost weekly basis through many different topics–teaching kids to draw the figure, grown-ups to paint, vision boards, creativity, color theory, sewing, drawing, collage, and on and on. I wrote a book and made a DVD about creativity. But I haven’t really identified myself as a teacher. Rather, I view myself as a creativity enabler. But to my resumé of life, I think I can finally add one more word–teacher. read more

You ready for STORY?

Just one more week until my friends and I will share our stories with my new fabric collection, Story, for Windham Fabrics. We will have a big ol’ party here to celebrate and there will be much confetti throwing via social media. There is so much to share and much to say about this collection. I can barely wait! Did I mention that I LOVE my friends? Also, did I mention that they are unbelievably talented? Just you wait. You’ll see. read more

An excuse

A note from our president and CEO (that’s just me in my pajamas…but shhhh…don’t tell anyone):

Hiya. I don’t really see you here much anymore. I mean–I don’t seem to post very often lately. But I have a really good excuse. This blog you see here in front of you is new. We converted to this WordPress platform from Blogger a few months ago. And it isn’t even done yet. And for a blogger, that is kinda like getting a new car. You have to get used to the new placement of things. And I’d say I went from a simple, intuitive Honda Accord to a complicated, dashboard-y, and not-at-all-intuitive but very new and fancy Cadillac Escalade. read more

Come paint with me!

Hello, my Phoenix, Arizona friends!

I’m excited to invite you all to the first of a series of special workshops.  In these workshops, I will be sharing many aspects of creativity and making–including painting, drawing, Indian wood block printing, dream-catcher creating  and other magical experiences.

The first workshop is just two weeks from today. The Art of Finding–A PAINTING WORKSHOP will be on March 29th, 1-4 p.m. in the studio. (Space is limited.)

We don’t really make paintings…we find them. You’ll learn how to tune-in in this hands-on acrylic painting workshop. I will share some inspirational images and techniques with you to help you do that thing you have been wanting to do–to paint–to play–to make a mess–to explore–to find yourself. We will dig in, paint in layers, wash them off and paint some more. All you need is an open heart.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Truly. You’ll start wherever you are. I will supply canvas and materials.

Register here and stay tuned for more…

a drop of black | how colors change with our life

I just found this post from a year ago. It never got published and so I’m sending it out today. A little intuitive color theory from a personal place:

I have always thought it was that grown-ups were afraid of color…that we lose our way over the course of life and end up in the mire of putty, taupe, grey and beige because we become afraid of expressing ourselves and our feelings through color. I owned a business for over 15 years in which I helped people choose shades of taupe, raw sienna and murky purple for their walls and I painted them to look old and soft. I also painted murals. And have since lectured on color theory many times and even cited this putty-taupe-grey business as a sad affair that afflicts grown-ups but never children. Children know exactly which colors they love and they are almost always bright. But tonight, I have absolutely changed my thoughts on this in a shocking realization: read more

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Hope your 2015 is off to a lovely start. I’m streamlining some of the visual and content aspects of my quirky, offbeat brand in 2015. I want to thank you so much for following along with me for the past few years in this meandering journey as we explore such things as: renegade sewing, inspiration, craft & meaning, making art, prayer flags, living a passionate life, textile design, LEGOs, cosmic/existential musings, gratitude, mindfulness, awe-at-this-beautiful-existence, creativity, art school recovery, color theory, banishing the inner-critic, quilting, inner-kid care, the importance of play, momfulness and general Divine Feminine wisdom. It is a random assortment, to be sure. But it is always authentic and honest. I’m grateful to you. read more